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About Jaminajar Music Production

Jaminajar Music Production was established in 1990. We specialise in the creation of musical content, sound design and audio post production for record production, film and television, advertising and much more.

Our facilities includes a world class recording and mixing studio and highly effective mastering capabilities for all delivery formats including the internet and mobile phones, CD audio and high resolution formats.

Because we offer full creative services AND our own studio facility we're able to offer financially competitive packages without compromising service or quality in any way.

At jaminajar our aim is to provide a complete solution for all our clients music and audio needs. In any combination this encompasses artistic collaboration involving music composition, songwriting, musical performance, programming, arrangement, production, project management, and beyond. We also have access to a vast range of world class musicians and voices to enhance any project.

Jaminajar's owner and principal composer / producer is Paul Najar.

Studied classical and jazz piano from the age of six. Since leaving school he spent the following 6-8 years studying and working as a professional piano/synth player mainly in the Jazz & original pop/ rock area, and developing compositional and engineering skills in a variety of original bands and studio positions.

After this time Paul was employed as the manager in charge of the keyboard department in what was at the time the largest professional music shop in Australia; Farrells Music. Already having a deep interest in electronic music and recording, this presented as a great opportunity to explore those areas due to all the latest equipment being within arms reach on a daily basis. This was also around the time of the "MIDI" revolution in music production so this whole association proved to be a great opportunity. During this period, demand for Paul's skills as a producer, session musician, arranger and songwriter/ composer became so great that after 12 months in music retail he left to become a full time music professional.

Shortly after this time Paul was involved with a new act called Wa Wa Nee. They had four top ten hits from the first album. Shortly after the release of the second record the group split.

This work signaled a branching out from the studio to the stage taking on a series of contracts over the next four years with some of Australia's more famous recording artists, including, James Reyne, Jenny Morris, Margaret Urlich, Girl Overboard, Mark Williams, Mark Hunter, Joe Walsh and Savage Garden. Responsibilities, in varying combinations included, musical director, piano/Keyboard player, programmer, composer. For more details see the honour roll.

1990 saw the setting up of jaminajar music production. In the more than twenty years since it's inception we have completed more than one hundred advertising campaigns including music for The Sun herald, Masterfoods, Landrover, Toyota, Westpac, Australian Tourist Commission,Suzuki, Sanyo, Coke and Rank Zerox; television station themes for various cable networks and channel nine news; production duties for the Baz Lurhman film Moulin Rouge; albums and singles for various recording artists including Three Divas and amba; musical scores and sound design for short and feature length films.

In 2000 Paul accepted an appointment as in house producer/ Studio Manager for Engine Room Music where he was involved in the development of Holly Valance & The Vines . During this time the studio was situated within the prestigious Studios 301 complex.

In addition to his duties at jaminajar, in mid 2005 he accepted a position with the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) to teach his own course in electronic music production.

2009 saw Paul's lecturing duties move to the technical production course at TAFE. Also in 2009 Paul took on a role as Multimedia Manager for a new retail/ educational business called Big Music.

In 2010 Paul became an Apple certified Logic Pro Master Trainer delivering Apple Certified Logic Pro courses at University of Technology Sydney.

2010 also saw Paul building his third and most ambitious professional recording studio on Sydney's northern beaches - Jaminajar North.

In 2011 Paul accepted a role as Lecturer at UTS Sydney in their "Sound and Music Design" undergraduate program.

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